As we develop our proposals for this important town centre site, we are keen to understand the views of local residents and businesses.

This initial exhibition is the first stage in the consultation process leading to the submission of a planning application towards the end of 2019.


We held our first public consultation events on our emerging proposals on 27 and 29 June 2019 in the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. The event was extremely well attended, with over 800 local residents and businesses visiting over the two days. We would like to thank everyone who came along and shared their views on the emerging proposals. The feedback we collected at the events has been extremely useful as we develop our proposals further and you can view a summary in our Feedback tab.

We have spent the last couple of months meeting with local stakeholders, including neighbouring residents’ associations and amenity groups in Ealing. We will be continuing to meet with groups into the Autumn, so please do get in touch with us on or 020 3900 3676 if you would be interested in meeting with us.

We are currently assessing the feedback from the public consultation and meetings with key stakeholders including the GLA, Historic England and Ealing Council. We will be using this feedback to develop the proposals, before holding a second exhibition in Autumn 2019.

At the start of September 2019, we submitted a request for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) scoping opinion, which is a standard procedure prior to the submission of a planning application for a major development. The purpose of this is to determine which environmental issues (e.g. noise, air quality, overshadowing etc.) should be considered by the EIA. The outcome of the EIA will then be reported in an Environmental Statement that will be submitted with the planning application. The Scoping Report will be publicly accessible to view via the Council’s website. It contains a great deal of information and within this you will see that the quantum of development identified is slightly greater than we have discussed during recent engagement. This is so the scoping request more than covers the proposed quantum of development and it does not represent the precise amount of development that will be proposed at the planning application stage. The Council will have a five week period in which to consider the submitted Scoping Report, before issuing a formal EIA Scoping Opinion which GTP will need to take into account as it prepares the Environmental Statement to be submitted with the planning application.


May/June 2019:

Initial introductions with local stakeholders.

June/July 2019:

Consultation on the initial proposals and design considerations.


July/August 2019:

Consolidate feedback and develop proposals.

September/October 2019:

Consultation on the more advanced proposals.

November/December 2019:

Target planning submission.