At the end of June, we held a two-day public exhibition in the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre to show the local community the emerging proposals for Perceval House. Over the course of the two days, 803 people attended the exhibition and 103 feedback forms were submitted. On the first day, we launched this website so that interested parties can view information about the proposals and the exhibition boards.

Although we will be providing a full analysis of the feedback in the Statement of Community Involvement as part of the planning application, we also want to provide a short summary of the key themes and quantitative feedback here. The key themes from the event were:

  • Support for the provision of commercial space and interest in what kind of commercial space will be provided.
  • Support for the inclusion of 50% affordable housing across the site.
  • Indication that soft landscaping would be preferable to hard landscaping.
  • Support for the new public space and access routes across the site.
  • Some concern about the potential impact on existing infrastructure.
  • Support for the provision of a new, modern council office for Ealing Council.
  • Some concern about the tallest element of the proposals.
  • Mixed feedback about the new library, with some attendees expressing support for the current location.


The quantitative feedback is illustrated in the charts below.

1.I welcome the opportunity to be consulted on these proposals.

  • Generally Agree6
  • Somewhat Agree10
  • No View1
  • Somewhat Disagree1
  • Generally Disagree2
  • total: 100%

2.The local area needs new and modern housing.

  • Generally Agree55
  • Somewhat Agree19
  • No View7
  • Somewhat Disagree9
  • Generally Disagree10
  • total: 100%

3.I support the aims of the council to redevelop the site to provide new council offices and affordable homes.

  • Generally Agree54
  • Somewhat Agree19
  • No View5
  • Somewhat Disagree6
  • Generally Disagree16
  • total: 100%

4.I support the vision for the site.

  • Generally Agree37
  • Somewhat Agree22
  • No View3
  • Somewhat Disagree11
  • Generally Disagree27
  • total: 100%

5.I support the emerging draft proposals.

  • Generally Agree31
  • Somewhat Agree19
  • No View8
  • Somewhat Disagree11
  • Generally Disagree31
  • total: 100%

6.I support the public realm elements of the scheme.

  • Generally Agree46
  • Somewhat Agree18
  • No View14
  • Somewhat Disagree7
  • Generally Disagree15
  • total: 100%

7.I welcome the proposed connectivity throughout the proposals.

  • Generally Agree44
  • Somewhat Agree19
  • No View19
  • Somewhat Disagree2
  • Generally Disagree16
  • total: 100%