The Submitted Scheme

The current scheme

The redevelopment of Perceval House provides an excellent opportunity to make better use of its key town centre location, by delivering much needed new homes and improvements to the public realm and contributing to Ealing’s aspirations to create an attractive employment offer and reinvigorate the town centre.

During the competition, initial proposals were drawn up by Galliford Try (now known as Vistry Partnerships). Since then, Ealing Council and Vistry Partnerships have worked together to develop and submit the scheme. The submitted scheme includes:

A smaller fit-for-purpose council office fronting Uxbridge Road to replace the existing Perceval House.

477 new homes, including 50% affordable housing, in line with Ealing Council’s and the Mayor of London’s policy.

A modern library to replace the current Ealing Central Library.

New ground floor commercial uses.

New public spaces and access routes throughout the site.

Views from Key points around Ealing

Uxbridge road outside Ealing Gateway
View from Castlebar Road South
View from Craven Avenue
View from Gordon Road
View from Haven Green
View from the junction of the Broadway, New Broadway and High Street
View from the Mall - North side
View from the Mall- South side
View from Walpole Park East of Lake
View of the Town Hall from New Broadway

Further views can be found in the Environmental Statement Volume 3: Townscape, Heritage and Visual impact Assessment which forms part of the planning application.

New Homes changes

Affordable Home (by no. of bedrooms) LAR (17th February 2021) LAR (26th February 2021) DMR (17th February 2021) DMR (26th February 2021) Total Difference
1 Bed 16 23 62 76 +21
2 Bed 47 33 94 66 -42
3 Bed 7 14 0 14 +21
Total 70 70 156 156 0

Updated Overall Housing Mix

Unit size Private London Affordable Rent (LAR) Discount Market Rent (DMR) Total
Studio 18 0 0 18
1 Bed 116 23 76 215
2 Bed 117 33 66 216
3 Bed 0 14 14 28
Total 251 70 156 477

The above tables show the following:

  • 42 x 2 bedroom affordable homes have been replaced by 21 x 1 bedroom and 21 x 3 bedroom homes.
  • The addition of 21 x 3 bedroom units quadruples the number of proposed 3 beds in the development. Approximately 12% of the proposed affordable homes are now 3 bedroom homes.
  • Approximately 6% of the proposed homes (i.e. 28 out of 477) are now proposed as 3 bedroom homes.
  • The proposed change does not result in any external building changes as it can be achieved through amendments to internal layouts.

The affordable housing offer has been prepared in dialogue with the Council’s Housing department to ensure that it provides different types of affordable housing that will help to meet local housing need. All 226 of the proposed affordable homes will be offered for rent, at a range of discounts, to households earning up to £60,000 a year (meeting the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) definition of ‘genuinely affordable’ homes).

The Council will have nomination rights and the affordable homes are proposed to be secured in perpetuity.

The proposed mix of affordable homes will include 70 London Affordable Rent (‘LAR’) homes, offered at rents that are c. 35% to 45% of local market rents, for households on Ealing’s Council housing list. The remaining 156 homes will be available as intermediate Discounted Market Rent (‘DMR’), offered at between c. 50% and 65% of local market rents.


As part of the application and to minimise disruption to our neighbours and council staff, we have developed a phased programme that will allow council staff and the Customer Service Centre operations to remain on site throughout the construction process.

Condensing the office building
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Development of the site from demolition to final completion of the buildings is likely to take approximately 6 years.