The current scheme

The current scheme

The redevelopment of Perceval House provides an excellent opportunity to make better use of its key town centre location, by delivering much needed new homes and improvements to the public realm and contributing to Ealing’s aspirations to create an attractive employment offer and reinvigorate the town centre.

During the competition, initial proposals were drawn up by Galliford Try. Since then, Ealing Council and Galliford Try have worked together to develop the scheme, which includes:

  • A smaller fit-for-purpose council office fronting Uxbridge Road to replace the existing Perceval House.
  • Approximately 500 new homes, including 50% affordable housing, in line with Ealing Council’s and the Mayor of London’s policy.
  • A modern library to replace the current Ealing Central Library.
  • New ground floor commercial uses.
  • New public spaces and access routes throughout the site.

To minimise disruption to our neighbours and council staff, we have developed a phased programme that will allow council staff and the Customer Service Centre operations to remain on site throughout the construction process.

Staged Removal of Perceval House:

If approved, the Council wishes to retain office space throughout the construction period. Council staff will be moved into the rear section of the building which will also accommodate the Customer Service Centre. This would allow the front half of the building to be taken down, and construction of the new building to begin. At the same time, construction of the residential buildings to the rear of the site is proposed to begin on the site of the existing car park.

Phase 1:

The proposed construction of the council offices is expected to take approximately two years. Once the offices are complete, staff would relocate to the new offices and the remaining half of the building would be demolished.

Phase 2:

During Phase 2, the residential buildings in the centre of the site would be completed. This would then enable the new public space at the heart of the site to be created.

Phase 3:

During Phase 3, the residential buildings in the north eastern part of the site would be built to complete the development. It is envisaged that development of the site from demolition to final completion of the buildings would take approximately six years.